Why Does Nightwing Keep Going?

This may seem like a silly question. After all, we all know that Dick Grayson's parents were murdered, he was taken in by Bruce Wayne, trained as Robin, and became a crime fighting partner to Batman. He fights crime because he fights crime, what more do you need to know? Well, as a member of the third generation of crime fighters (the first being the JSA and the second being the JLA), Dick has been a superhero longer than most at his age. He has had opportunities to get out of the superhero gig before. Others have done so (temporarily), like Wally West in the 1980s. Even Dick considered hanging up the Nightwing suit in 1995's Nightwing miniseries.However, by the end of that mini, Dick decided to keep going. But why? Because one of the most consistent character traits of Dick Grayson's is a combination of honoring those in his past, and a simple desire to help people. Dick has inherent urges to do good, and the influence of his parents, Batman, Superman, the Titans, and oth…

Nightwing Character Bios

Fans have a pretty solid idea in their heads of who Nightwing is. Some prefer the Pre-Crisis version, others prefer the origin depicted in Chuck Dixon's Nightwing: Year One, and some prefer the version seen in the New 52, DCYou, and Rebirth. And that's all without mentioning live action, animated, and video-game portrayals.An interesting exercise is to look at how DC perceives Nightwing, in their own words. Throughout the years DC has published various Secret Files/Origins, and official encyclopedias, as well as character descriptions in team and event books. These character bios provide an interesting look at not only the history of Nightwing, but also how he is viewed in terms of skills, gadgets, and personality.

Over time, some things stay consistent, like Dick's leadership ability, while others become more focused on, such as his interpersonal skills. It is interesting to note that in the more recent Gotham Knights bio, his tactical mind, technical skills, and detective…

Tools of the Trade: Nightwing's Costume, Gear, and Vehicles

As the first protege of Batman and leader of the Titans, Nightwing has employed an impressive amount of equipment over the years. Several costumes, an arsenal of weapons, and a fleet of sleek vehicles. This article seeks to give a thorough rundown of his entire arsenal. As such, many of these gadgets only made one or two appearances, but it can be assumed that Nightwing has access to them at any time.The Suit:While the Nightwing suit has gone through many aesthetic changes over the years, there are some commonalities among all iterations. The suit is a tri-layered, insulated, nomex/kevlar body armor. It can heat up in the cold, resist bullets, resist flames, and electrocute enemies. The second version of the suit also included a glider function, as well as extra armor. The third version, and most iconic, included "a controlled photo-chromic fabric" which could shift the colors of the suit from blue to navy for increased stealth capabilities. Nightwing also possessed up-armor…